How did God confirm to you that you should be a missionary?

God gave me a desire for ministry. After being saved as a teenager, I started to want to tell others about Jesus. Every time, I would tell someone about Jesus, I would feel so good afterward that I wanted to do it again. God grew a desire in me to be involved in telling the world about Christ. Along with this desire was the teaching of scripture.

I remember a preacher explaining how the Bible shows us that everyone is sick (they have sin), and that the cure (Jesus) is available for everyone, but that only those people that know about the cure have the opportunity to accept it and allow it to heal them. Understanding this truth led me to realize that as a 18 year old no matter what I did in the future, the only way my life would make a real difference was if I did something that helped people that do not know about the cure for their sin find out about it.

I knew that I should spend my life trying to reach people with the good news of Jesus. I had a desire to give my life to tell others about Jesus. I knew from the Bible that God wanted me to, but I didn’t know how I should arrange my life to do it. Should I translate the Bible into a rare language, should I start a business and use it as a tool for evangelism, what should I do?

It wasn’t until a few years later, after learning more about missions and ministry from the pastor and staff at my local church, that I realized that the most effective way I could spend my life telling others about Jesus was by being a full-time church planting missionary.

God opened the doors for me to start training to be a church planting missionary, and now that is what I am looking ahead to. I know God wants the world reached with the Gospel. He has given me the opportunities and abilities to be able to devote my life full-time to missions. (Health, training, missionary friends, etc.) I know this is what He has for my life, and I am excited to have a part in His work.




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