The Rick Hurley Family-Prisons USA
The Andrew Bishop Family-Mexico
Richard Hughes Ministries,Inc
The Clint Shipman Family    Germany
The Sanabria Family-Columbia,SA
The Jerry Barker Family-Prisons USA
Dr Gibbs Christian Law Association
The Hearron Family  Siberia,Russia
Wesley Hutchens Family-USA West Church Planting
Larry Townsend Family   Amarillo, Texas
Carolina Bible College, NC
The John Caudle Family-Canada
Jack Slaughter Family- Mexico
The Robert Stover Family-Peru
The Doss Family-Merced,CA
Randy Southerland Family-Evanglist
The Pruitt Family-Red Lodge,MT
The Willis Family-Fairhaven home for Men
The Back Family-Alaska
The Jesse Hailey Family-Elk Point Baptist Church,SD
Fairhaven home for men
Kanon Bloom Family-China
The Jason Kersh Family-Prisons USA
The Ben Andrews Family  Papua New Guinea
Lance Neal Family  Prisons-USA
Doug Weed Family-Mexico

Truth Missionary Baptist Church

Independent, Fundamental, Separated, King James 1611, Pre-Tribulation,

Repentance Preaching, Soulwinning, Soul-Stirring Music, Baptist Church

Established November 9, 1975